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Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are specialized tools and devices used to hold, guide, and support workpieces during manufacturing processes. They provide a stable and controlled environment, ensuring precise positioning, alignment, and repeatability.

By securely holding workpieces in predetermined positions, jigs and fixtures eliminate the need for constant manual adjustments and alignments, significantly reducing setup time and increasing overall productivity.

These devices are designed with specific measurements, tolerances, and alignment features, ensuring that each workpiece is consistently machined or assembled to precise specifications. By minimizing human errors and variations, jigs and fixtures enhance quality control and eliminate costly rework or rejects.

From improving safety and ergonomics to enabling complex operations and reducing costs, jigs and fixtures are instrumental in various industries.

Jigs and fixtures can be customised to suit our customers’ requirements from single hand-operated assembly nests to more advanced e.g. pneumatic controlled, leak testing, CNC machining jigs and so much more.

Get in touch via emai or phone to discuss your requirements.

Hold-down assembly fixture for ResMed by Oz-Models
Pressing assembly for ResMed by Oz-Models
Size-testing gauge for Standard Communications by Oz-Models
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